Art Catalog by series


Illumine (ongoing)

Our circle of friends, family, and our human society are always encountering and entering other circles in society, many of them non-human. How does one handle the interaction and shared space? Layers, levels, and light are qualities that I am exploring.


Material Evolutions

Material Evolutions (ongoing)

Description: Mixed media collage -  Repurposed costume jewelry and fabric on stretched canvas (or encaustic).   

In the biological world, the edges of ecosystems, where one system meets another is called an ecotone. It’s the place where all the “action” happens. The activity at the boundaries (and their various states of permeability) are where the inputs, outputs, and feedback all occur. Edges, walls, borders and fences all present varied possibilities. This series explores these demarcations utilizing the "DNA" of well-loved jewelry and clothing to build new interactions.


Meditations: Emergence

Meditations: Emergence ( A series of 6) - Dimensions: 6"H x 6"W x 2”D Description: Mixed media collage - Pine cones, seed pods, stone, branch, seashell, and hand-rolled paper beads on a wire structure on a cradled wood gessoed panel.

This series is about resilience. It is about the place at the edge, an ecotone, the area that may fail or evolve to survive when met with new variables.

In this exploration, I am considering “botanical” formations and the "evolutionary" trajectory they take when encountering unexpected interactions.

In this case, they are meeting with social unrest, a global viral spread, and the Spring season. What emerges?


Well-Behaved When Balanced: A Supplication

Well-Behaved When Balanced: A Supplication - Dimensions: 36”W x 48” H, Description: Painting - Acrylic on canvas.

Inspired by our world. When the rainforests are on fire, the air is smoggy, the ground is toxic, the water is polluted, and the disconnect between man and his environment is palpable, I am reminded of powerful forces and the sense of awe they produce.

My response is to make a narrative painting to give thanks and to implore revealing the interconnected state we all share.


Celestial Terrain

A reminder that skies are landscapes of their own. After seeing photographs of the earth from space, I am reminded that the image that we call earth contains more than land and sea.It also contains our entire atmosphere. There are times when the sky and the land are indiscernible.


Verdant Vistas: Finding the richness

A series of six landscapes exploring nature as both a multi-elemental compilation and jewel.


You are only as far as you feel

A series of fifteen works (12 paintings and 3 large works on paper) exploring the concept of horizon.


Mother, Goddess, Muse: Portraits

A series of fifteen assemblages (seed pods, feathers, dried flowers, rocks, shells, wood, plant parts) on paper and silk.


Worlds Connect


Exploration into the cosmogony of various traditions and the “traditional” role of mother figures.   A continuous series of mixed media work utilizing an identification badge format.


These are my people


A series of twenty small works on paper depicting designs found in native regalia.




A series of eight small commissioned works utilizing paint, sand and crystals as part of an investigation on the concepts of “radiance’ and coastal dichotomy.


Behind This Ripening


A series of fifteen paintings utilizing three dimensional "underpaintings" and the human form as a map for “organic” objects in narration.

 CT Herbal Institute

1991 University of Connecticut, West Hartford campus- Solo show

1990 Behind this ripening - Bard College