About YCE Studios


Yvonne C. Espinoza smiling


YCE Studios is the a fine art and design studio of Yvonne C. Espinoza who creates heirloom quality fine art, "small batch" home decor, textile, wallpaper, and furniture. 

Yvonne C. Espinoza is a visual artist of Peruvian heritage.  Her formal training in Fine Arts at Bard College, along with her studies in traditional and alternative medicine, science and visionary healing, combine to form her signature style of mixed media artwork. She has exhibited in New York, Connecticut and elsewhere in the Northeast, and her work is also found in numerous private collections. She currently works at her fine art and design studio in Connecticut.


detail of 3 works

Artist Statement

My current work,  is generally about transformation, a conscious acceptance of history, in a mythological sense, and declaration of the inherent beauty in the process of creating the present.

Recurrent themes involve working with nature and human relationships, and the integrated alchemical stories between them.

These are typically in the form of natural and elemental “entities”.



Yvonne is also inspired by working on branding design projects, which include organizational, marketing, and website design for businesses looking for agile, current, and long-lasting work that will stand the test of time.