About YCE Studios

Yvonne - Headshot Sept 2021


YCE Studios is the a fine art and design studio of Yvonne C. Espinoza who creates heirloom quality fine art, "small batch" home decor, textile, wallpaper, and furniture. 

Yvonne C. Espinoza is a visual artist and designer of Peruvian heritage and a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut. 

Her formal training in Fine Arts at Bard College, along with her ongoing studies in the many fields integrated with environmental studies, combine to form her signature style of mixed media artwork. 

After many years in marketing and project management, she is focusing on art and design work at the crossroads of art, ecological design, and resilience planning.

She currently works at her fine art and design studio in Connecticut. 

 YCE Studios is currently segmented into 3 areas. They are:

The Art Studio, The Lab, and The Agency


detail of 3 works



Artist Statement

My current work is generally about resilience, a conscious acceptance of historical connection with environmental systems, and a celebration of the awesome, natural processes required to keep our world functioning.

Recurrent themes involve working with nature and human relationships, and the integrated alchemical stories between them.

These are typically in the form of natural and elemental “entities”.


Her available art is at the Studio Store.

An overview of her work is here.


Handpainted mirror detail



At YCE Studios LAB, we are still observing nature.

We are learning from our diverse experiences, aligning with healthy environmental and human systems, and building with the understanding that we integrate these systems into our design.

Collaborative work is what the LAB (Learning, Aligning, Building) is and does.

The LAB is a regenerative product design and development space. 

We are making furniture, lighting, wall coverings and panels, passive energy harvesters as part of the living space, and home decor. We are exploring material technologies and ways to power items. 

We are designing for the future. With this in mind, we begin designing with certain parameters in place. Our end product works within a circular economy, considers permaculture perspectives, honors indigenous technology, aligns with natural home construction, considers bio-inspired design, acknowledges modern scientific knowledge, and is non-toxic. And, of course, everything we make designed for human use and appreciation.




More to come soon.



Yvonne is also inspired by working on branding design projects, which include organizational, marketing, and website design for businesses looking for agile, current, and long-lasting work that will stand the test of time.

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