What Rising Oceans Bring Together

 "We need all the help we can get".

Our oceans are coveted for personal wanderings and enjoyment, full of the beautiful ornamentation of diverse life, and bountiful supply of tasty treats. The very size has always provided the reasoning to trust in its power to perpetually dilute out human derived pollution.

We are learning the early lessons of dealing with multiple crises-ecological, energy, economic, and equity.

Many of us are looking to develop community resilience as a way to gently transition through changes. It offers options to "leave no one behind" and preserve the best of who each of us is. In doing so, we each provide the diverse and varied perspectives that make us human.

We have an opportunity to understand the richness and depth of our non-human neighbors. The integrated nature of communities allows us to value the unique capabilities of marine plankton and old growth forests. Who is best at answering the call to "get all the help we can get"?

We are ALL in this together.

Young woman observing jellyfish

 My daughter observing beautiful jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Our resilient oceans are vast and may be the best hope for preserving life (and ourselves). Helping the oceans means helping everything on this earth.


What Rising Oceans Bring Together

5"w x 7"h

Encaustic on wood with repurposed costume jewelry, shell pieces, glass, and fabric 


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