What Melts Away

We are always collaborating on our shared future. 

We can choose to move forward, fully conscious, and educated about our actions or remain unconscious about our actions and keep the rose-colored glasses.

What we know is that energy, ecological, economic and equity issues need to be addressed relatively quickly.

How we adapt from our daily, high expenditure of resources to something currently more realistic is the hurdle.

Weaning ourselves from our energy expectations built on past habits can create opportunities in other areas.

What is possible is finding deep connection with each other and our non-human neighbors for the long-term health of our planetary existence.

In my work, I consider today, energy is more at the forefront of our cultural makeup. It becomes as important as my appreciation for flora, fauna, and family traditions. My past emerges with a different context and focus.

I recall that many photos from childhood were taken indoors. I took for granted that we had lamps, a warm house, and a family car. This set of works is an acknowledgement of that electricity, heat, gasoline that forms part of my history. 

What melts away 1 and 2

Encaustic, repurposed costume jewelry, fabric, wood, leaves, pine needles, lightbulb core

6" x 6" x 2"


What melts away 1, mixed media encaustic
What Melts Away 2 - mixed media encaustic art

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