Relocalize to Connect

Much of my recent work depicts snapshots of community borders. The video clip is an example of an event or many snapshots.

“Relocalization is a strategy to build societies based on the local production of food, energy and goods, and the local development of currency, governance and culture.”—Post Carbon Institute

I heard plenty of music as a child, but one little song from Sesame Street has become a go-to theme on my playlist as I walk through the day encountering folks from all walks of life. “People in the Neighborhood” is a simple little song, but it is a reminder of the value of diversity in the service of community resilience.

Relocalization is more than just an economic strategy. It’s a cultural claiming of the very things that make us all human: a declaration of active, conscious humanity over passive, unconscious conformity. In our very local spaces, under the thin veil of business-as-usual, there is an entire land to understand as more than just a place for strip malls.

We are not alone when we choose to connect with our geography. Like-minded change agents are farming in fields and on rooftops; they are bringing wildlife back with plants; they are inviting fireflies to appear from piles of branches once again; they are listening to the land. We can hear the hum of the bees. We might spot a lone bald eagle over our own neighborhood. Everything we need is all here.

Yes, business has a role. Government has a role. We citizens also have a role.

Citizens create the cultural identity of our geography.

Though it may sometimes seem like we are powerless, together, we truly are the soul of this land.

When We Are Invited

Repurposed costume jewelry, textile, and dried moss on burlap.

10”H x 10”W

When We Are Invited Mixed Media Art by Yvonne C. Espinoza At YCE Studios

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