Reflect, Reveal, Refine

“Resilience and sustainability require justice.”-Richard Heinberg 

As a forager, we learn certain rules around picking, berries, mushrooms, or herbs.

We leave some for the animals (who are also great at spreading around the seeds), for others, and for replenishment (so the plant will continue to return and thrive).

One could apply these rules to all our natural resources, including forests, oceans, animals, and even oil.

It is counter-productive to pick all the berries, or cut entire forests, or put all the garbage in the oceans.

While it may seem that mankind has “leveled-up” and has moved beyond the confines of nature and achieved a status that does not require the earthly “ball and chain”, and that our human ingenuity has once again outwitted Mother Nature, this is a great disconnect.

Though this may be the impetuous youth stage of humanity, there is an entire history of teachings from around the world we can learn from.

As beings with a relatively short life span, decisions regarding the items we buy, use, or live with every day may help one to consider what one would allow into our bodies and lives or that of our children’s. Hopefully, it can grow to include our neighbors (human and non-human).

True social justice includes connection with our natural resources, including healthy food, clean air, and safe water. This would be for everybody.

Bring on the great reconnect.


Reflect, Reveal, Refine 1

Glass, metal wire, porcelain on wood

14” H x 9.5” W

Reflect, Reveal, Refine 1, Mixed media collage by Yvonne C. Espinoza at YCE Studios
Side view of Reflect Reveal Refine 1


Reflect, Reveal, Refine 2

Glass, metal wire, porcelain on wood


Reflect Reveal Refine 2 Art by Yvonne C. Espinoza at YCE Studios

Side View of Reflect Reveal Refine 2 Art by Yvonne C. Espinoza at YCE Studios

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