Quiet revelation under the Beaver Moon


Air, water, and the soil that grows our food are foundational in our lives. And yet, as the years progress, the clarity of connection with these core elements often becomes buried under layers of routines, expectations and aspirations.


Our daily journey is fraught with the allure of the easy and comfortable topped with bewitching beauty. Like the crew in Homer’s Odyssey, we forget our goal to head “home’ and are whisked into an enchanted dream far disconnected from our truth; possibly even forgetting what is truly valuable.


On this night of the Beaver moon, I take stock of the things I need and am grateful for. I consider that the journey to reveal the beauty of our air, water, and soil lies within us.


It begins with taking the time to look and actually SEE without the presets and presumptions of what we have been told to believe.


This deeper investigation leads us to explore every corner of this earth; a discovery that peels away that which no longer serves. Even then, all the caste-offs hint at something familiar. Like love, it evokes a timeless interconnectivity.


And here, at my current endpoint, I surmise that IT is about the connection.


It’s not about the hardship, the revolution, or the fight.

The central focus is on the relationship: the force that can stir one to act.

After all, what wouldn’t we do for love.


What Peels Away.

Mixed media on cradled wood panel

8”W X 14”H x 1”D

What Peels Away art by Yvonne C. Espinoza

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