July Projects


It's a hot summer, so I have been indoors painting. 

On the easel today is a painting.

There are several converging themes that assisted in its creation.

  • Human foundations
  • Integrated environments
  • Minerals and ores
  • Tone and temperature

As this piece is developing, I’m bringing in metallics and iridescent colors onto my palette. I considered a stained glass effect, and i am leaning towards a striated or marbled stone feel. There is also a pull to add letters or patterns throughout. This canvas is 36"wide x 48"height.

Completion is estimated at July 20th. 

Limited edition projects are joyous events in the studio. This is what is currently on the project table.

12 more 36" x 48" paintings are awaiting the easel.

One work on paper (approx. 30" x 36)

10 Beeswax Encaustic paintings

On the table, waiting in the wings, are future

  • glass base lamps,
  • wood base lamps,
  • a reimagined cabinet,
  • a reimagined coffee table
  • custom shelving and cabinet with TV lift and rotation capability.






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