Glint Upon Awakening

A series of 7 reimagined painted pisco liquor bottles.

Some of my fondest memories are of family gatherings where the clinking of glasses blended in with live music, and laughter of happy people.

Sharing a drink from the homeland was just an extension of the love and appreciation felt between those present. Pisco bottles were emptied to make the traditional pisco sour. 

Having symbols from home were reminders of fundamental connections, and opting to get the pisco art bottle was more easily shared than an alpaca rug, blanket or tooled leather ottoman. It was special. 

These were pisco bottles created for a tourist market, and to this day some pisco brands still use historical pottery as inspiration for their bottles and are still available at the duty-free shop at the airport in Lima. 

These bottles were painted black to mimic the pottery found buried within ruins of pre-Columbian coastal Peru.

And then I grew up. There, among reminders of the homeland, and the clutter of old liquor bottles, blending into the shadows of the liquor cabinet, they sat there, silent, sleeping, and as practically long gone as the civilization that inspired them.

This is my effort to “wake” them. To give them back their adornments, their open eyes, and their rightful colors. To acknowledge their majestic presence and unabashed being. 

I am looking for them to mingle within the home, among the flowers, festively residing above ground, in plain sight.

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These are very beautiful. Are they for sale? How much?
Thank you very much

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