Emissaries at Bioneers Conference 2024

Many years ago, I embarked on a project to bring attention to the need for a deeper connection with our natural world.

Every day we can find examples of what a disconnect with our world can lead to.

Mining the precious metals out of the Amazon, emptying exorbitant amounts of raw sewage and trash into the oceans, and trading particulate matter entering our air, and into ourselves, for the sake of of our ever-prevalent love of plastic.

In many ways, we accept an imbalanced approach with the perception that nature is different from ourselves. As the severity of this problem increases, so does the size of the messenger.

It is with this motivation that I present the Elemental Emissaries. They have returned.

They first appeared many years ago in a collage, then later as a larger painting and now in a sculptural form. They are still in their anthropomorphic manifestation and a little softer. A little bigger than us little humans, but “well-behaved” for their visit in their ambassadorial capacity.

But for how long?

Imbalances in our world are increasing the rift. Forests become the tinder for wildfires summer, rain storms become hurricanes, and a swim in a lake can become deadly if it is full of blue-green algae.

Our trust diminishes.

While the immensity of the disconnect may seem frightening, the Emissaries are here. What we do not want is for them to lose their ability to manifest a “human” form and become unrecognizable.

Throughout human history, we have been able to observe the patterns of the nature on our lives. What new stories will we need to write as our relationship shifts.

Nature, in all its beauty and ferocity, cannot be ignored.

Elemental Emissaries: Exhortation
Repurposed textile on PVC Structure
8ft H x 6ft W x 5ft D

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