Acknowledging All the Neighbors

Every day, the different types of lives connected in our systemic world are affected by our (human) actions.

In this year-end blizzard, as I was considering the effects of flash freezing on our wildlife, plants, and microbes (and on humans), I observed my patch of Austrian Winter Peas that act as both a cover crop for the soil, and as  a snack for a variety of creatures living in the piles of brush.

Along the edges of the icy road are plants tolerating our human need for salted streets.

And like our animal plant, or microbial neighbors, our lives are thoroughly enmeshed with theirs. However, some of these worlds are safer than others.

Our smallest decisions affect each other's lives and entire system of life on our magnificent planet. As daunting as that may seem, working together with our human and non-human neighbors will enable us to develop an ongoing resilience through changes, disruptions, and upheavals.

And maybe, just perhaps, we can know what it means to truly be a good neighbor.


The Company We Keep

12"W x 12"H

Metal, costume jewelry, salt, ice, plant matter, glass, petri dishes

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